At Shaker&May, we take on kitchen projects and transform dreams into reality. Whatever your requirements and personal preferences, we have the expertise to build a kitchen that is perfect for you and your home.

We offer customized design services to our clients and handle projects right from conception to the final stage of construction. We have a credible and experienced team of professional designers that listen to your requirements and take all your ideas into consideration. Our designers will offer you the best advice and guide you through the exciting process of creating your dream kitchen!

Our job does not end with the designing process. At Shaker&May, once the design concept has been finalized, we hand over the project to our team of expert joiners and cabinet makers. They work together and use a combination of traditional cabinet making skills and digital technology to turn your dream kitchen into reality.


Bespoke Kitchens at Shaker&May


Every kitchen created at Shaker&May adheres to specific design and construction principles and is aimed at striking the right balance between style and functionality. We want our clients to have a kitchen that they feel proud to show off and use it as a place to entertain guests. That is why we build one-of-a-kind ‘bespoke’ kitchens using the best quality materials and our distinctive creative flair. Each kitchen has a personal touch to it and meets the tastes and lifestyle requirements of the client.

We welcome you to contact us for an appointment and also take a tour through some of our classic and modern luxury kitchen designs.

Whether you recently bought a new house or are looking to remodel your old kitchen, our team are ready to help you get started with the project.